More embodiment, more feeling, more aliveness

More embodiment equals less addiction, less stress, less human suffering, less abuse, less war, less animal cruelty, less consumerism, less planet destruction, less junk food and emotional eating and heavy drinking. 

Thats a big statement and based on what I’ve noticed how since working with embodiment over the past few years. I’ve become kinder to myself, to others and to the planet.  Don’t get me wrong, I was never a ‘cruel’ being, but I just didn’t have the soft edges and depth of compassion I have now. I’m healthier mentally, emotionally and physically. I feel more and learning to feel is at the heart of being more embodied. 

And what I’ve realised is that unfortunately most of the stuff we are pushed in society is to block us from feeling.  From feeling the huge pains and pressures of the world that we just live with as normal. Our reliance on TV, sugar, alcohol, making more money, working harder, new clothes, new cars, and latest gadgets.  It’s all telling us what to think, eat, drink and wear and yet numbing us from feeling. 

Feel tired? Drink this! Feel sad? Take this! Feel lonely? Buy this! Want deeper connection with people in your life?  Do / take / wear / buy this! Is it working for you? It’s not working for me anymore. 

Not only are we losing our personal freedom and peace of mind by being so influenced by these messages, our poor nervous systems are becoming shattered and we’re exhausted.  If you wonder why you become ill as soon as you take a holiday, ask how everyday life is affecting your ability to rest and enjoy time off.

Changing this begins with small steps. Let’s start learning to feel again. It begins with feeling the subtle voice of the body, which is far quieter than the overstimulating loudness of the external influences all around us. The body will tells us what we need to know if we take time to listen.  Let’s not ignore the subtle signs of stress, bad health and burn out till they become so loud we can’t ignore them anymore. Trust that our bodies know the score and will help us move out of overwhelm. 

Our bodies are an important key to living fully and freely.  So let’s start cleaning up the dusty corners in our body, emotions and mind and reclaim our health and aliveness.   Your body is waiting to be asked what it really needs. 

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